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138-960MHz 3 Way Wilkinson Power Splitter per a Sicurezza Publica

Postu d 'Orighjini: China
Name Marca: Topwave
Nombre Modèle: TPW-3WPS-1396-NF
certificazione: ISO9001, ROHS, CE

General Description

In the field of microwave engineering and circuit design, a Wilkinson power divider is a specific class of power divider circuit that achieves isolation between output ports while maintaining matched conditions for all ports. A Wilkinson power divider can also be used as a power combiner, since it is composed of passive components and therefore interconverts. Ernest J. Wilkinson first published the idea of this power divider in 1960, and the circuit is widely used in RF communication systems that utilize multiple channels because the high isolation between the output ports prevents crosstalk between the individual channels.

Topwave model TPW-3WPS-1396-NF, frequency range 138-960 MHz. Models are available for indoor or outdoor use and are rated IP67. For convenience, it can be wall mounted or comes with a flexible stand. And we can ship quickly, because we have a certain amount of stock, and we can also accept customized products.

quaternu di carichi
Modèle No. TPW-3WPS-1396-NF
Split Chanel 3 Manere
Perdita di split (dB) 4.8
Centri inserimentu (dB) 1.6
Frequenza (MHz) 138-960MHz
VSWR 1.30
Isolazione (dB) 18
Potenza nominale (W) 50W (media per portu)
Impedance 50 stintà
lînia N-femmina
Température de fonctionnement () -30 ~ + 65
Humidity Relative 5% -95%


Conformità ROHS è CE

Frequency Band Covering 138-960MHz

Perdita d'inserzione bassa è VSWR bassu

Widely used for In-building Solutions and Public Safety system

Disponibile cù cunnessi Type N, 7/16DIN o 4.3/10


Ampiamente per Soluzioni di Antenna Distribuita (DAS).

Ben installatu in u sistema in-edifiziu (IBS)

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